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..."Kentuckians don’t need lawmakers dictating their agendas, they want lawmakers  listening to their concerns and advocating on their behalf."   

  Captain Ronel Brown 


Ronel believes Kentucky lawmakers have an obligation to the people of this great Commonwealth.  Legislators are not sent to Frankfort to push their own agendas.  As your District 29 Representative, he will listen to the concerns of constituents and advocate for those concerns. 

He believes we should utilize the state’s strongest resources, its workers, agriculture, state parks/recreational facilities to propel the state forward. He believes Kentucky lawmakers need to find avenues to reinvest in our Kentucky farmers, our rivers and streams, woodlands, and taking an aggressive approach promoting and supporting them.


The current campaign is defined by four core intersectional issues that drive the people and politics of District 29.


Ronel will advocate for living wages and propose to increase the minimum wage. Every working person in the 29th District and the Commonwealth deserves to earn a Living wage of $10.49 per hour. Workers should be valued for their labor and commitment to their employer by earning a guaranteed pension for their years of service. Ronel Brown will work with fellow lawmakers to find revenue to help alleviate current budget deficits. He opposes the enacted consumption tax (Poor Tax), that burdens 95% of working families. Those families earning between $55,000 and $92,000 will face the largest tax increases of $213.00 a year. The wealthiest 1-5% earning 472k will receive a $7,086, deductions each year. The poor tax increases cost on 17 services used by working families that are already burden with low wages and higher food, and medical cost. Some of the services impacted by the poor tax increase are lawncare service, automobile repair, fitness center memberships, janitorial services, pet grooming, and a host of other services.


Education -

Ronel Brown believes every child in the 29th district and the Commonwealth deserves an education in a safe environment. He will continue to stand with teachers and school administrators protecting the best interest of our children’s education. He opposes any type of State Take Over of the Jefferson County Public Schools. Ronel witnesses his colleagues daily working very hard preparing our children for a promising educational future. He believes in addition to having great successes adding psychologist with academic counselors will provide our children with an extra tool to help them navigate their school experience and educational development.  


Healthcare -

Affordable healthcare should be available to all Kentuckians. Full Medicaid benefits should be offered to everyone that need it, and recipients shouldn’t be determined only by geographical location.

Criminal Justice Reform -

As your state legislator Ronel will diligently pursue avenues to decriminalize and or legalize cannabis. Thirty states and Washington D.C. have laws legalizing cannabis for medicinal or recreational use. Washington State, Oregon, California, Nevada, Colorado, Maine, Vermont, Massachusetts, and D.C. These states are reaping windfall revenue from the legalization. Colorado boast a 1.5 billion dollar increase of taxation on cannabis for its state.  Ronel believes Kentuckians deserves to benefit from legalized cannabis. Legalization will decrease crime, lessen correctional facility population, create jobs, and boost agriculture for our state. The generated revenue will help alleviate the state budget deficits that burden all Kentuckians. 

Mr. Brown will work with his colleagues to pass comprehensive sensible gun reform laws. As a supporter of the second amendment, and gun owner he feels fully automatic weapons should only be purchased by the military and law enforcement organizations. Bumpstocks, and any other type of device that would modify the performance of a semiautomatic weapon to fully automatic should be banned. Thorough background checks, waiting period, and gun safety education should be mandatory for all purchases of any type of firearm. The age limit to purchase a firearm should be raised to 21 years old.


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